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About Ceferino

Professionally, I am an ICF certified life and Consciousness Coach®, Trauma and Tension Release Provider (TRE ®) and regenerative farmer. Prior to this, I was a brand manager and business analyst, with over 10 years of experience in the corporate sector, across multiple industries.

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What I do

I help people actualise joy, fulfilment and authentic self-expression in all areas of their lives.

Whether individual, couple or team, we work to shift your relationship and communication dynamics and patterns from pain, conflict, misunderstanding and disconnection to clarity, connection and feeling like a team again.

It brings me great joy to witness people coming to a deeper understanding of who they are, and supporting them in creating the relationships and realities they wish to experience.

I also offer TRE® (Trauma, Tension and Stress Release Exercises), a simple yet effective somatic (body-based) modality that supports the body in releasing deep muscular and nervous system patterns of stress, tension and trauma. Perfect for individuals, couples or groups/teams.

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I’d love to connect with you. Please reach out if you’re curious about stepping into the fullness and truth of who you are.

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Individual and Couples Coaching

Empowering you with the awareness, capacity and skills to create compassionate, skilful and thriving relationships with yourself and others.

Group & Team Coaching/Facilitation

Supporting you to develop and cultivate relational competencies, emotional intelligence and communication skills.

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Our sense of meaning, connection and fulfilment is determined by the quality of our relationships. And in turn, the quality of our relationships is determined by the quality of our communication.

I hope that you will give yourself the gift of working with Ceferino as I did. This is a man who will support you to find your own and possibly hidden wisdom. I was especially impressed with the way in which Ceferino balanced masculine and feminine energies during our sessions. The masculine structured format of our conversations, the holding, the deep listening which allowed the feminine aspects of intuition and flow of conversation between us. I loved how the previous session was mirrored back to me and that everything happened at a pace and depth that I felt comfortable with. I have already recommended this work to friends, as I do with you! You will only be grateful.”
I had full confidence going into my coaching session with Ceferino and yet still felt pleasantly surprised with his coaching method and skills to support my awareness and tap into something meaningful for my growth. I’ve been coaching for over 30 years and appreciate Ceferino’s deep listening and effective inquiry to accompany my journey to make big changes in the relationship we worked on in our session. I feel much gratitude for Ceferino’s MCD skills which add to meeting my needs for being seen and heard. I felt awe, support and care connecting with Ceferino.
I experience Ceferino as a capable and efficient leader and facilitator. He has a unique ability to care with confidence and awareness to bring a circle together so everyone thrives. I experience the balance of Ceferino’s facilitation and willingness to share vulnerability which creates a power-with scenario I truly value and respect.
Before I decided to partake in Ceferino’s coaching, I had a few challenges to face in my life, challenges dealing with unhelpful thought patterns, perspectives on life and the world, as well as difficult decisions to make. Ceferino guided me into exploring what would be best for me, to think, say or do; to identify the results I want for my life; tasks and lifestyle changes I can undertake to work towards that; whilst also building up my integrity in that pursuit on a daily basis. Ceferino is a patient; kind, fair-minded person; a good listener; cognisant of manifesting higher consciousness and joy; and simply a pleasure to chat with.”
The work I did with Ceferino was very impactful, we started when I was very low and hopeless but in a couple of weeks, I was able to make some improvement in focusing on what was at hand. I reflected a lot through the sessions we had, through his coaching and this made me aware of my blind spots and be able to commit to some corrective measures. The work we did was helpful in both my personal life and my business.”
Allow me to share my gratitude and appreciation for the TRE sessions that were offered to me, these sessions could not have come at a better phase in my life. I have found the sessions to be absolutely enlightening, relaxing, empowering and much needed in supporting and bringing my body and nervous system back into ease and regulation. I totally looked forward to the weekly sessions, as they were very nourishing and relaxing to my body and soul. These sessions helped me connect with my body in a way that I never thought possible. Ceferino has dealt with me with the utmost respect and professionalism and was totally calming and welcoming. He created a safe and calming environment in order to complete the sessions with care and kindness, which further allowed me to relax into my body and allowing the necessary healing and integration to occur.”