“Transform your Self, relationship and life from the inside out and step into the empowered creator being that you are.”

Self-Mastery and relationship Coaching

Expand your awareness and consciousness and create thriving relationships

This is a journey back to Self. A process of inquiry and empowerment, where I support you in bridging the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be, in any area of your life.

Through skilful questioning, presence and witnessing, I provide a safe container that allows deep reflection, transforming limiting beliefs and uncovering your brilliance, higher perspectives, agency and wise action.

This process ultimately expands your awareness and consciousness, which then opens you up to opportunities, choices, empowered actions and experiences that align with the truth of who you are (and choose to be) moving you into your highest life expression.

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Meeting you at any stage of your journey


Do you desire to create positive change in your life?

Are you in the midst of a significant life transition or crisis?

Do you feel stuck and looking for a way forward?

Are you struggling with a difficult decision?

Do you feel like something is missing in your life?

Do you need someone to support you in the pursuit of your dreams?

Do you feel a sense of powerlessness in your life?

Are you ready to step into your highest potentials and possibilities?

Do you struggle with negative self-talk, criticism and judgment?

Do you struggle with self-esteem, self-confidence and self-sabotage?

Do you struggle with saying no, setting (or respecting) boundaries and prioritising your own needs?


Are you dissatisfied with your relationship(s) and don’t know why or what to do?

Do you struggle with communication and experience it as a barrier to harmonious, authentic and intimate relating?

Do you feel alone and misunderstood in your relationship(s)?

Do you feel unseen and unheard in your relationship(s)?

Do you experience the same painful patterns in your relationships(s) and want to change them?

Are misunderstandings, arguments and conflict causing disconnection and isolation?

Do you want to create more connection in your relationship(s) and have the confidence that you can handle conflict?

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If any of the above resonates with you, reach out and let’s transform your Self, relationship and life from the inside out. Schedule your Complimentary 50 minute discovery call now.

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Group Coaching

I work with groups (e.g. work teams/colleagues, family members, friends), wishing to work through or explore a particular shared issue or theme, e.g. transforming harmful/unhelpful communication patterns, conflict resolution, misunderstanding and disconnection. I also offer various group training and courses.

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Consciousness Coaching ® Tools

Trained in Consciousness Coaching®, I provide you with various awareness creation tools that allow you to step into the empowered creator being that you are.

Source Energy

Transforming Anger into Passion.

Power of the Word

To create a life you love.


The key to gaining momentum in your life.

The Power to Act

Liberating you from thoughts and feelings that do not serve you.

Ladder of Power

Shifting from reaction and reactivity to creation.

Story vs. ISNESS

Operating from and within the realm of reality.


Shifting perspectives such that they enable and empower you.

Consciousness Inventory

Creating space and awareness in consciousness.

The Art of Completion

Making acceptance and completion your way of life.

Living with Purpose

Aligning to your vision, mission and legacy.

Authentic Living

Stepping into true authentic living.

Comfort Zone

The danger of living in the comfort zone.